Solutions for the business management

In Nayes Consulting worked on the desing and implementation of customized solutions and in the development of business strategy for Small and Medium businesses.

Our philosophy is centered on the company’s involvement, in the development and implementation of simple and practical solutions for business management, in promoting continuous improvement and the search of new opportunities that contribute to business success.

Investment and creation of companies

Investment and creation of companiesNew companies are for us a very important part of the future of our society, so we want to facilitate its implementation and be with them during the first years of business in the market.

  • Market analysis to determine the existence of a market for your product or service project.
  • Develop an Action Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial and Economic Plan,… which reflects the development and viability of your project.
  • Search for investment partners for project implementation.
  • Advice and documentation management discharge of a company.
  • Grants management.
  • Advisory services, labor management, tax and accounting during the first 3 years of operation.
  • Desviation Analysis, proposed solutions and describe the objectives.

Strategic Analyses and Innovation

Innovation and Strategic AnalysesThe research and the continuous development are basic for the growth of a company. The promotion of a new product, the introduction of a new line, the reorganization of the company, the readjustment in the market or the spreading of this one, need a suitable planning and previous analyses.

  • Advice, orientation and management of the innovation.
  • Studies of market.
  • Analysis SWOT.
  • Plans of viability.
  • Plans of marketing.
  • Business strategies.

Internationalization and export

InternationalizationThe opening and expansion of the international market is a very important step that must be under consideration to obtain the biggest profits. The  Nayes Consulting team will help you find the best option and define the strategy to be introduced.

  • Studies of exterior markets, analyses of market carried out in the target country for professionals resident in those countries.
  • Consultations on legislation, grants, collaborations and governmental support, fiscal profits, strategic alliances, bids…
  • Diagnosis of the potential of the company to carry out its own Internationalization.
  • Channels of distribution.
  • Study and analysis of association with other entities (Joint Venture, International Exemptions, Contracts of manufacture, Piggy- Back, A.E.I.E…).
  • Management and advice in the discharge of delegations/branch offices and starting of these ones.
  • Follow-up and management of the strategy of internationalization.