You are an entrepreneur and you have a business idea

If you have a great idea and would like to start it, we will help you develop your project, please contact us to make an initial assessment of it, see the different options you can have in the market and what business model is the most interesting for your idea.
In the case, that the you need, be it funding, just send an Executive Summary of your project: proyectos@nayesconsulting.com and we will contact you to let you know the different financing options that fits in your project.

We evaluate the viability of your idea

The first thing you should do is to assess the feasibility of your idea and define the strategy to follow in your project, developing a Business Plan (market analysis, SWOT analysis, Marketing Plan, Production and Quality Plan de producción y calidad, Operational Plan, Financial and tax law) Plan with milestones and target to achieve in the first five years of the project.

It will also be necessary to prepare an Executivie Summary project when need funding, for presentation to investors.

Punto PAE Point of Care to the Entrepreneur

Nayes Consulting is a entrepreneur point of care, point PAE, plus information and advisory telematics services to entrepreneurs, also performs management in the organisms and registers in which is necessary to generate the open of your business and its subsequent amendments.

The electronic processing throught the DUE (electroniconly document) allows to open a company between 24 and 48 hours, time to complete the formalities related Companies Registry, Land Registry, AEAT, General Treasury of the Social Security and in the local governments and autonomous, if it is necessary for  stard of the business.


We want to give the biggest boost to your project

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We want that your project become a global company, we have the cooperation of AMI Global Market, international trade agents specializing in the internationalization of enterprises and the export and import of products, and to give an international impact we collaborate too with Graycelltech, company specializing in online positioning and communication, and developing information GrayCell Technologies logo technology; among other collaborations and supports that can help to boost your project.
You can also follow us on TodoStartup, where we participate as bolgger. TodoStartups_General
Let us know your business idea, and if you already have it clear, account with us to start your project.